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About Us:

Principles for Successful Real Estate Investing

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Right investment thesis is essential, but inactionable without substantial evidence. We believe making high quality investments is only possible
    by high quality up-front due diligence, building confidence about the property, market, costs, counterparties, and risks
  • Great locations are the most irreplaceable component of great assets. We believe in places people want to be. Great locations have superior overlap of (i) Logos – quantitative “provenness” of pricing power and transaction volume, (ii) Ethos – people and businesses have assigned legitimacy via headlines, social media, and anecdote, (il) Pathos – we sense life in the submarket and can see that people feel personal connectivity
  • Product must necessarily fulfill specific demand. We believe functional, well-designed housing is a necessity, but that “demand” is not homogenous. “Specific demand”, however, is discovered locally and can evolve with secular trends and time, behooving continual, recurring due diligence. Only through deep investigation and mindful iteration, real estate product design will truly meet demand
  • Structure and process can make or break the best ideas. We believe the best ideas are realized by the craftsmanship that follows. That craftsmanship is an alignment of goals and interests (i.e. structure) and asset management practices that create assurance those goals and interest are being met along the way
  • Working with experienced partners mitigates risk. We believe the people we invest in and counterparties we work with must know their domain and be committed to it

We handle sourcing, due diligence, finance & capital markets, development & construction, stabilization, and liquidity events.

Development Management

Our Investment Process

  • Sourcing: the process of building a pipeline of acquisition targets, active outreach to sources of opportunity, and screening for site value and execution probability
  • Due Diligence: the process of investigating the submarket, underwriting initial screening assumptions, and formulating a final investment thesis
  • Finance & Capital Markets: the process of finalizing negotiations with counterparties, formalizing the project budget, seeking approval from investment committee, and soliciting deal capital
  • Development & Construction: the process of asset managing the execution of construction plans, monitoring overall risk, and maintaining compliance with completion targets
  • Stabilization: the lease-up process and bringing the asset into full maturity for long-term investment
  • Liquidity Events: the process of loan administration and redeploying or distributing original capital and profits
Our accomplished team is dedicated to bringing together talented individuals who share your vision and are committed to its advancement.

Our Team

We are Brain...

Our experience crosses a large variety of complex real estate strategies and stages of execution.
  • Professional finance
  • Acquisitions, and development
  • Professional auditing and reporting.
  • Professional residential finance and development
  • Professional commercial finance and development

Jeff Mayo

Partner, Investment Banking & Advisory.

Jeff Mayo has 10 years of experience in professional finance, acquisitions, and development. He has led or been directly involved in over $2 billion of real estate transactions across multiple asset classes.

Jeff was previously a Senior Vice President with StoryBuilt, a mixed-use urban infill developer headquartered in Austin, TX, where he led JV and debt placements for the company’s development portfolio. As an investment committee member, Jeff was also responsible for evaluating new opportunities in Austin, Dallas, Denver, and Seattle.

Prior to StoryBuilt, he was a Vice President for a multi-strategy programmatic JV platform with KABR Group, a ~$3 billion equity fund. With KABR Group, Jeff was responsible for cradle-to-grave investments and development. Prior to KABR, Jeff held positions in finance at a REIT, in public accounting, and with a publicly-traded infrastructure development company.

Licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 2017 in the Commonwealth of Virginia, he received a BA, cum laude, from Roanoke College. Jeff, his wife, and their six children reside in Fort Worth, TX

Alex Kaczmarski

Partner, Accounting,
Tax & Advsiory

Alex Kaczmarski has 30 years of experience in professional auditing, and financial reporting. He has worked in both public and private accounting in junior, senior, and executive-level positions.

Alex was previously a Senior Vice President with StoryBuilt, a mixed-use urban infill developer headquartered in Austin, TX, where he directed financial reporting, treasury, and tax. As a senior leader, he was also responsible for leading new initiatives such as the implementation of accounting and forecasting software, corporate leases, and PP&E.

Prior to StoryBuilt, Alex served a number of professional investors in executive roles such as Chief Financial Officer for Palisades Group, Chief Accounting Officer for CapRidge Partners for over 5 years, and AVP & Controller for Walton Street Capital for over 15 years.

Prior to his tenure in the investment industry, Alex worked as a senior auditor for Kenneth Leventhal & Co as a licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Alex received a BA from UT Austin and resides in Austin, TX with is wife and their two children.

Haleigh Cooper

Senior Associate & Junior Partner

Haleigh Cooper has 4 years of experience in professional finance and residential/commercial development. She has been directly involved in ~$1 billion of real estate transactions across multiple asset classes.

Haleigh was previously a Capital Markets Associate at StoryBuilt, a mixed-use urban infill developer headquartered in Austin, TX, where she assisted in the firm’s debt financing activities.

Prior to graduating and joining StoryBuilt, Haleigh spent 2 years interning with a CPG company, LemiShine, working alongside both the operations and accounting departments focusing on new product development and AR/AP analysis.

Haleigh holds a Bachelors of Science in International Finance and Economics from Texas Tech University, a Professional Paralegal Certification from the University of Texas at Austin, and is a CMA Exam candidate. Haleigh resides in Arlington, TX with her Mastiff mix, Oscar.

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