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Local Market Research

✓ ​Contents: Covers overviews and deep dives of zoning code, zoning cases, development activity, rent/transactions, and valuations for apartments, for sale/rent housing, and retail

✓ Insights: Data is good, actionable information is better, and findings are unique. Our commentary offers a different view on market happenings and what the information is saying ​

✓ Quality: Because we have tenure operating in the markets we cover, our research provides better assurance and the richness of context

Quarterly analysis of our favorite local markets around the US

Market Report: Fort-Worth

Alliance-Presidio District:

One of the most active and powerful suburban markets in the Dallas-Fort Worth MSA, Alliance-Presidio offers development and investment opportunities in big-box retail, storage, Class A office, multifamily, and housing of all kinds

Market Report

Near Southside District:

The Austin of Fort Worth and visited for its lively dining, beverage, and boutique shopping, Near Southside offers urban living, office, and highly walkable retail in close proximity to downtown, TCU, and transit​.

Market Report

​Foundry-Panther District:

As a highly anticipated mixed-use development ​centers, the Foundry-Panther District is second to none when it comes to Fort Worth’s future urban development opportunity.

Market Report

Stockyards District: 

Its called Cowtown for a reason. Amazing walkability, entertainment, luxury hotels, and family fun. Also, one of the most magnetic development markets in the MSA

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