Brain Capital Investment Banking

Investment Banking

We believe no one executes like us – We create options, clarity, and relationships

Attracting Capital to Great Ideas

Institutional Experience with Entrepreneurial Energy

Knowing who to talk to in real estate finance is essential and knowing how to structure capital for an intricate, mixed-use development is an acquired skill.

Not all projects have the same complexity, but all are important to our clients. We solve our clients’ problems with experienced delivery.

We believe no one executes like us – We create options, clarity, and relationships.

Our Capabilities

Experience in all aspects of sophisticated real estate capital and relationships with small, medium, & large institutions

Banking Institutions, & Private Credit

Senior & Subordinate Debt

Brain has relationships and transaction experience with local, regional, and national financial institutions as well as private debt markets.

Our experience spans the Sunbelt from Arizona to Florida and extends to Seattle, Denver, and the Northeast.

  • Construction & Predevelopment
  • Speculative & Entitled Land
  • Acquisitions & Refinance
  • ​Investment Rehabs & Conversions
  • ​Strategies include urban MU, multifamily, BTR, self storage, hotel, MPCs, & condo

Individual/Family Wealth, PERE Funds, Programmatic Developers, & Institutional Investors

Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Brain has put together partnerships between pension advisors and developers as well as co-GP and preferred equity.

Our experience spans mixed-use and includes residential and commercial projects.

  • Limited Partnerships w/ waterfall
  • Co-General Parterships w/ promote split
  • Programmatic Joint Ventures w/ rollup exit
  • ​Preferred Equity for small and large investments
    ​Strategies include urban MU, multifamily, condo, BTR, hotel, MPCs, & homebuilding

Our Process

Bringing our clients’ to the financial marketplace front and center with energy and institutional delivery

1. Brain Due Diligence

Make sure we're a good fit

  • Relationship: We look for connection and trust, without which all transactions fail
  • ​Track Record: We look for some applicable experience in prior real estate dealings
  • ​Market: We review the MSA and underwrite neighborhood characteristics for SWOT
  • Project: We review the property, what it offers to the local community, and how it underwrites against the capital markets
  • ​Expectations: We seek to understand and bridge key success outcomes with reality

We specialize in financial modeling, competitive pricing analysis, comprehensive Offering Memorandums and targeted outreach.

2. Transaction Preparation:

Lay out the chess board

  • ​Financial Modeling: We develop the deal model base case and upside case with unique underwriting drivers based on live data
  • ​Competitive Pricing Set: We determine the competitive set and adjust rents/sales based on the subject’s unique value
  • Offering Memorandum: We prepare an OM with an Executive Overview, Project, Market, Financials, and Team overviews
  • Elevator Pitch: Before going to market, we curate the “deal alpha”
  • ​Target Outreach: From our existing relationships, we curate the top recipients for appropriateness

We reach out to top recipients with the Offering Memorandum, follow up with non-respondents, aim to connect with our relationships, and evaluate term sheets.

3. Marketing Process:

Go to market with precision & speed

  • ​Active Outreach: We contact via email and phone the top recipients and provide the Elevator Pitch and OM
  • ​Follow Ups: Non-respondents receive multiple calls and emails
  • Goals: Our initial goals are to get on the phone with our relationships, help them dig into the deal, answer their preliminary questions, and establish the deal as immediate priority
  • ​Term Sheet: We collect term sheets and begin dividing between satisfactory and unsatisfactory components

We carefully review term sheets, coordinate due diligence, attend tours, and assist with legal negotiations.

4. Negotiations & Due Diligence:

Manage an orderly process according to the highest good of our client

  • Partner Selection: We perform line-by-line examination of each term sheet, prepare comparison charts, and redline all recommended actions for client approval
  • Due Diligence Leadership: We quarterback all aspects of every transaction – Weekly coordination call, tracking of all outstanding items, and curated responses to all partner and consultant RFIs
  • Touring: As needed, we can physically attend and lead on-site partner / consultant tours
  • Legal Documents: We negotiate for industry alignment and work hand in hand with counsel and develop paragraph-by-paragraph comments / redlines for client review

We ensure seamless coordination and counsel while prioritizing strong relationships with all parties.

5. Closing:

Coordinate and keep things on track

  • ​Coordination: We work with title, lender, and counsel for a seamless conclusion
  • Relationships: We seek to keep the intangibles strong with all parties through closing

Brain Mitigates Your Greatest Risks:

Failure to Capitalize & Unpreparedness