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Investment Tools

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Tools for the major components
of Development Feasibility

  • Capital Markets Guide: Intro on how to properly plan capital for real estate
  • Development Model: Get our stage-1 screener model for 1st-look feasibility
  • Project Risk Scorecard: See & evaluate the elements of project risk
Create better investment assurance and manage risk for your LPs


Investment Modeling Techniques for Developers

Series One

Experience across a large variety of complex real estate strategies and stages of execution.

  • Incorporate investment thesis: You have an investment thesis that needs to be illustrated – make this clear in the model
  • Rent pricing & market analyzer: Add the assurance that the market will absorb your rents – contrast each item against comps
  • Full P&L & monthly cash flow statement: Assets are valuable ultimately because they generate income – make your CPA happy
  • Enhance visibility in the project budget: Start high-level, but use the Budget Exhibit to cover every line item – get this right
  • Properly structure capital: Don’t waste time with deals that only work in Fantasia – know the capital structures that get done
1.0 Development Modeling Flythrough.
1.1 Modeling Drivers, Sponsor Fees, & Simplified Project Budget.
1.2 Sources of Funds, Competitive Pricing, & Income Statement Modeling.

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Undergird your investment activities with right thinking and right process

Forming an Investment Philosophy & Building a Strategy

Series Two

Prepare your organization for the upper-most echelons with the right people and infrastructure

Designing an Institutional Development Organization

Series Three

Heighten your ability to find value through the study of a market’s characteristics and performance

Researching & Learning a Market

Series Four

Learn the background and how-to on accounting fundamentals in real estate

Accounting - Development, Operations, Corporate

Series Five

Brain Mitigates Your Greatest Risks:

Failure to Capitalize & Unpreparedness