Brain Capital Investment Banking

Our Unique Value

BRAIN’s truly unique approach to serving the real estate community creates higher quality results and a better experience for clients

Our Foundations at Brain:

Our Unique Values

End-to-End Approach:

We can help you build a strategic plan, capitalize that plan, and help execute from cradle to grave, bridging the gap between strategy, finance, execution

Market Connectivity:

We create "financial optionality" so you don't get backed into a corner - our network spans private wealth, PE, and institutional investors

The Perfect Venn:

We have an ideal blend of experience in real estate development, capital markets, consulting, and public accounting across almost all real estate strategies and verticals


Our endless energy, high-touch design, and commitment to excellence makes us ideal partners on any assignment

We prioritize client relationships, operate transparently, uphold ethical integrity, and prioritize investor interests. Speed and accuracy are crucial, while competitiveness drives excellence. Economic alignment ensures desired outcomes for all parties.

Distinctively Brain:

Guiding Principles

  • People come first – we care about the things our clients care about and thus hold our relationships in the highest regard
  • Stick to the facts — we operate “in the light” and feel trust is best built by maintaining intellectual honesty at all times
  • Integrity under adversity – we want to do the right things, but also do things right and thus keep ethical boundaries “black and white”
  • Fiduciary care on every deal – our experience as principals over 10 years has trained us to put investors first, even when inconvenient
  • Being both fast & right is critical to success — we believe time does kill deals and so does a lack of professional execution
  • Competitiveness gives rise to excellence – we believe we are the best in our class, but are willing to prove it time and again
  • Alignment of interests for desired outcomes – all parties should be economically incentivized according to their mutual

Brain Mitigates Your Greatest Risks:

Failure to Capitalize & Unpreparedness